Ask Leon ~!

foreverkat478 said: Your Highness i was wondering if you get jealous of others like maybe a certain pirate :)

"Sometimes I get jealous of others because I think it would be interesting to live a life that isn’t in a palace." Leon said with a smile. "I think that pirate your talking about is my brother isn’t it?" Leon laughed lightly. "I am, sometimes jealous of my brother I think it would of been nice to go on adventures with him and the sirus crew, and learn about what it’s like to be a pirate."

hahaha-141 said: your highness i am here to ask for your friendship do you acept :3 ^^ :)

"Of course I accept I would love to be friends with you." Leon said with a bow and a smile. 

kathleenisagemini said: Kathleen's hand immediately felt hot as Leon lead her towards his home. She became giddy as a butterfly as the castle was coming in sight. She smiled over at Leon and said, "It must be a dream come true to live in a place like this. Do you like living in a castle, Leon?"

"It is quite lovely to live in a castle." Leon said with a gentle smile. "But, I would really like to know what it’s like to live normally." Leon then turned and looked over at, Kathleen. "Miss Kathleen, if you had the chance to live in a castle for a day would you take the offer?" 

winged-alchemist said: Happy New Years your highness =)

"Happy new years to you, too!" Leon said with a bright smile. 

kathleenisagemini said: Kathleen gently took Prince Leon's hand and nodded. "Lead the way, Leon. I look forward to this. It's my first time seeing a castle up close" She said as she crossed her eyes, trying to make the young prince laugh.

Leon smiled brightly at her as, she took his hand. “I hope you will enjoy seeing the castle then, Miss Kathleen.” Leon said laughing lightly and started to guide her towards the castle.

kathleenisagemini said: "Oh, I see." She smiled. "I see that we have a similar opinion on class, isn't that funny? What do you like to do in your spare time, Leon?"

"It is nice to know someone thinks the same as I do." Leon said continuing to smile. "I usually like to read a lot or walk around the castle gardens. Would you like to come to the castle with me Miss Kathleen?" Leon said holding out his hand. 

kathleenisagemini said: Kathleen beamed brightly at the young prince. "I'm fine, thank you. I must say that I find it absolutely amazing at how well you communicate with the lower class. I admire you for that." She smiled once again.

"I don’t really think classes matter please don’t think of me as a prince." Leon said with a smile. "I would like you to treat me like everyone else, not royalty. It makes me happy to hear that you admire me, Miss Kathleen." 

kathleenisagemini said: "Good evening Prince Leon. My name is Kathleen." She holds outs a hand for you to shake. "How are you this evening, your Highness?"

"Good evening." Leon said with a bow and a smile and then shook her hand. "I am good how about you Miss Kathleen?" 

Anonymous said: I ship you with slenderman

"Slender man…?" Leon asked confused.